With the ease of travel restrictions, we are starting to plan our next journey to visit the world.

Before your next adventure, have you ever thought about the meaning of Travel? Is it about a religious pilgrimage in the Middle Ages? A Grand Tour for the young after the Renaissance? Nowadays, travelling is our connection with the community; a manifestation of our imagination towards the world.

WHOLENESS Magazine Issue 2 walks you along the “jet bridge” to board a plane and fly somewhere in the world. Starting from “Journey of a Plastic Bottle”, well-planned “Bike Trip Project” and “A Guide to Local Sojourning”… … Travel can be in many forms. Travel is not only about the cliché entertainment but also a re-discovery of the world with your curiosity and enthusiasm. Even staying in Hong Kong, we can expand our horizons. A hundred forms of travel from a hundred people. What is your imagination to travel?

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