Make a Positive Impact


Christmas is a time for hope and joy. Let’s make it more meaningful and create a positive impact on our environment and community. When you take sustainable actions at our Christmas market or support our five community partners at their charity booths to collect NF Seeds (a charitable scheme under the NF Touch Membership Programme). The Seeds you collected can be shared with NGOs and Nan Fung Group will amplify your kind acts by supporting their community projects in turn.  ​

Participating NGOs:

  • Chicken Soup Foundation
  • Gingko
  • HK Saving Cats & Dog Association
  • HK Federation of Women’s Centres
  • Love 21 Foundation

We care about the sustainable impact on the environment. In the Christmas market, minimising waste and on-site waste management are fundamental actions we will take. Recycling bins are provided to collect recyclables including metal, plastic, aluminum, glass, and food waste. Food waste will be collected by HKOWRC to support OPARK Waste-to-energy system where part of the food waste including coffee grounds will be collected and sorted for composting, from which the organic compost will be used in AIRSIDE urban farms in the future. Moreover, visitors are encouraged to visit the reusable container rental service booth provided by Bottless 

Participating Parties:

  • Bottless


Glass Reborn Christmas Tree

Take a photo with our rainbow-coloured Christmas tree which is made of recycled glasses. Extending the tradition of Nan Fung Group’s TKO Plaza in celebrating Christmas in eco style, this Christmas tree reuses the upcycled glass bricks from last year’s igloo installation, giving glass wastes a second and even third life through good design.

About NF Touch Memebership Programme 

NF Touch Membership Programme and its mobile app, the latest springboards for Nan Fung’s “SEWIT” sustainability initiative, encourage collective efforts from its members and the Nan Fung Impact Network to promote a resilient community and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Download the app to earn consumption rewards (NF Points & NF Tokens) at our malls and collect NF Seeds by completing sustainable acts. The accumulated Seeds can be shared with NGOs. We will in turn support their community projects for their good deeds.