With AIRSIDE positioned at its center, the Kai Tak Development (KTD) is set to create a bicycle-friendly environment for the community with a bicycle network that is inclusive for both cycling and walking, making cycling a part of everyday life in Hong Kong. Under the KTD development plan, AIRSIDE and its inbuilt automatic bicycle parking lot will be enclosed by a bicycle track that connects multiple scenic spots in the area. Pedaling towards the harbor through the Sung Wong Toi Garden, you will see a straight, seaside cycling path lying ahead. The path, formerly the 1331 runway of the old Kai Tak Airport and known as one of the most challenging runways in the world, is now a playground for cyclists who love to experience the thrill of speed.

For those who prefer to pedal slowly, there is also an alternative route for your choosing. Simply hop on your bike at AIRSIDE and glide along Kai Tak River. You’ll be sharing the path, as well as the beautiful scenery, with fellow neighbours and walkers. Make a stop to take pictures whenever you come across an attraction you like; others might join you. And soon enough, you will be chatting with them about your bicycle or film camera. Whether you are a Kai Tak resident or simply here for a visit, your bicycle journey will allow you to experience the WHOLENESS that this place can offer.

AIRSIDE: Cycling Lifestyle


AIRSIDE:Located in the KTD, AIRSIDE is developed with the concept of WHOLENESS in mind. It advocates a lifestyle that is well connected to nature and community.
Automatic Bicycle Parking Bay: AIRSIDE will be equipped with Hong Kong’s first ever automatic bicycle parking lot encouraging communities to use bicycles as their daily transportation.

Nearby Attractions

Kai Tak Sky Garden: The Sky Garden is an elevated deck located atop the former airport runway. It features a green landscaped public space above and a pedestrian/cyclist lane underneath.
Kai Tak Bridge: Formerly the taxiway bridge of the old Kai Tak Airport, the Kai Tak Bridge has a wide and spacious pavement that reminds people of the old days when planes would taxi across Kai Tak River.
Kai Tak GreenWay: The GreenWay provides a shared space for both cyclists and pedestrians and opens up our imagination of road use in Hong Kong.
Ka Tak River: With a history that traces back to the 1920s, the former Kai Tak Nullah has been revitalised into an urban green river corridor whilst keeping its drainage functionality.